Gail Bainbridge

I am on a mission to help passionate people with hectic lives banish money guilt, experience freedom, and live a life full of wealth - now!


YOU feel like you ‘should’ have enough money but can’t figure out where it all goes

Thinking about money leaves you with a sense of guilt or worry

You want to do more of the things that you love but never seem to have the money.

You hear yourself saying ‘When I have more money I’ll be able to…..’

Its time, you know its time, time to take responsibility, and get to grips with your money s**t. Leave behind those nagging old stories like ‘I’m just no good with money’ or ‘I don’t really care about money’ and create a brand new powerful relationship with money. Together we can find out whats keeping you stuck and discover how you can set yourself free with some simple techniques. Your new relationship awaits, one with less stress, less fear and way more control. Come on - its time to move to a place where you get to choose.

About Me

I was an accountant for 20 years - looking after other peoples money was easy but when it came to my own it was a different story. I didn’t come from a wealthy background, when I got my first credit card at 18 I thought it was magic! I spent most of my adult life in debt and really had no idea how to manage my own money well but I was too ashamed to admit that to professional colleagues.

The truth is no-one teaches us this stuff and yet we are supposed to know what to do. I mean why do I know how to calculate the angles of a triangle but I didn’t learn about how to manage my money on a daily basis. We all feel like we ‘should’ know what to do with it and we are too embarrassed to admit when we don’t!

Over the past 4 or 5 years I’ve really started to focus on whats important in my life - what is it that I wan’t and how do I want t feel. I discovered that I have a huge passion for freedom and a love of the UK coast and I really like meeting new people - it sounds obvious but its easy in day to day life to be distracted from what you love.

I sold my accountancy business in March 2018 and cleared my debts. I set off in a motorhome to explore the UK on a dream adventure and to figure out what I wanted to do with the next chapter of my life.

I discovered for myself that wealth is a feeling, not a number, you can have a full bank account and feel bankrupt if you don’t fill your life with what you love - and I don’t mean things!

I have never spent less on a monthly basis and felt so fulfilled and wealthy. I want to share what I’ve learnt with you and my commitment is to keep learning and sharing because when we are free we get to follow our dreams.

“I discovered for myself that wealth is a feeling, not a number”

I’ve taken what I learnt and created a simple way to teach that to others. There are 4 parts to Living a Wealthy Life - mindset, awareness, balance and simple structures. Let me show you how you can set yourself and your family free.

The difference you have helped me make is truly astounding. I am coming to my next payday with money in my account and not overdrawn and not all on my credit card. Thank you!!
— Debbie
I have never felt this much freedom around money and we are only on week five of the program.
— Bev